Lawn Bowls is FUN, keeps you FIT and creates lasting FRIENDSHIPS 

On Monday 19th July we played at Marlow in the C&T but lost on 2 triples out of 3. Our winning team was Gill Wise, Nick Nicholls and Barry Mills by 23 to 13. We only received 2 points to 8.  On Tuesday we played a friendly at home against Ladygate and won on 3 triples with 1 drawn and 1 loss and won by 64 to 61 shots overall Our winning triple was Moira Austin, Denise Rogers and John Anderson by 17 to 7 shots.  This was Moira,s first game for the club so very well done for coming in to play at the last minute. Due to the very hot weather we only played 15 ends instead of the normal 18.

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