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Chesham Ladies match

A message From Denise:  Well done to all the Ladies who have played this year, thank you all!                        Chesham could only field two triples so I had to stand down one triple but can I thank those who were going to play anyway!!  We came away with a resounding win,  Chalfont 51 to Chesham’s 17! Both our triples won but the highest triple was Flora Alderton, Denise Rogers and Denise Williams 31-5. This is our last Ladies match of the season so it was nice to play on a lovely day and finish in style. 

Aussie Pairs competition

This was put on last weekend due to not being any finals held this year and although there were reduced numbers it was played to a final between Kathy Snowdon and Mike Alderton versas Chris Pound and Martin Cripps who went on to win by 15 to 9. Well done to all who took part.

Match Results

The match against Court Park was a good first half for Chalfont but a better second half for them. We only won 1 triple out of 5 and lost by 71 to 102 shots. Our winning triple was Maureen Harding, Martin Cripps and Mike Wise by 23 to 9 shots.

Bassetsbury Manor 9th Sept

The match against Bassetsbury Manor will have to be cancelled due to both teams thinking it was a home match and Bassetsbury unable to get their players to come to Chalfonts.

Match Results

The match at home against Aston Clinton was very close and we won 3 out of 5 triples but we did not manage to beat them and lost by 69 to 73 shots. Our highest winning triple was Denise Rogers, Neil Frew and Graham Buchanan by 10 to 23 shots. It was a nice friendly afternoon even without the sunshine but was warm.

Burnham match

Please note that the Burnham match on the 18th September has had to be cancelled. Not enough players.

Flackwell Heath results

The Ladies game against Flackwell Heath was a close game on a ‘challenging green’!!  Unfortunately we came second with a score of 40 to Flackwell’s 45.  Our top triple was Pam Naish, Pam Anderson and Candi Ivey 14-13 shots.

Jubilee Cup

The Jubilee Cup drawn pairs competition was held on Monday 31st August and after a good days bowling the eventual winners were Chris Moir and Henry Bell. We celebrated the day with Tea and Cakes supplied by Candi Ivey and finished off wih a BBQ of burgers and sausages. Well done to all who came along.

Match Results

We played a home game against Wexham on Thursday 26th August and we were beaten by 39 to 55 shots. Our winning triple was Callum Kavanagh, Graham Buchanan and Candi Ivey by 16 to 14. The weather was kind to us and we managed to stay dry all afternoon.


Please note that the Berkhampsted match on the 1st September and the Amersham Mens match on the 31st August have had to be cancelled because we could not raise enough players.

100 Club winners

The 100 club winners this month were £25.00  Rose Kirby,   £15.00  Martin Cripps,  £10.00  Linda James. Well done to all.

Match Results

Yesterday, Wednesday 18th August we played a friendly game at Croxley Guild with nice people. It was a dry afternoon and we managed to win on 4 triples and draw on the 5th Triple.  Our highest triple was Gill Wise,  Bob Baker and Mike Wise by 21 to 14 shots and the overall score was 93 to 75.

Jubilee Cup

Just a gentle reminder that we are doing this internal competition on the 30th August and it is a 3 wood drawn mixed pairs starting at 11:00. please be there for 10:30 if you are attending for Tea and Biscuits. Bring your own lunch and there will be a BBQ later in the afternooon. Please add your name to the list in the clubhouse if you have not already done so.

Ladies match results

The Ladies match against Chesham yesterday was a win to Chalfont by 50 to 41 shots. The top triple being Flora Alderton, Denise Rogers and Denise Williams by 23 to 13. The weather actually stayed dry for the match.

Match Results

We played a Friendly home match against Rickmansworth Bowls Club yesterday and we eventually came out the winner by 58 to 50 shots. It was a nice afternoon with a friendly lot of players and everyone got on well. Our highest triple was Rob Kirby, Gill Wise and Mike Alderton by 26 to 15 shots.

Burnham Plate S/F results

Our Ladies went to Bletchley to play against Newport Pagnell in the Semi finals and it was a close game but the score ended up 15 to 19 giving Newport the victory. Our Ladies played well and the team was Flora Alderton, Denise Rogers, Chris Pound and Candi Ivey and your Captain Denise Williams and myself and the Club would like to thank you all for representing the club and to commiserate with you and I am sure you will be back to have another try next year. 

Match Results

On Wednesday 11th September we had a friendly match against Kings Langley which was closely contended. We came off second best by 66 to 71 shots.our top triple was Rose Kirby, Sue Patey and John Anderson by 16 to 11 shots. The following day we played at Flackwell Heath in a 3 Counties match but the green was terrible and badly needed cutting. We did not win on any of the 3 rinks and were beaten by 42 to 66. 

Match Results

On Saturday we played at home to Princes Risborough and although the weather was good we were beaten by 44 to 72 shots in a nice friendly match. We had a top triple of Gill Wise, Graeme Richards and John Anderson by 13 to 12 shots. The Sunday was a 3 Counties match away to High Wycombe and we were not at our best and lost on all 3 rinks by 47 to 69 shots, although rain was forecast we had a dry if windy afternoon.          The Monday game against Gerrards Cross was called off after 8 ends due to heavy rain and this will be  re-arranged as soon as we can.

Match Results

We played away at Eastcote on Thursday 5th August and although the game was interrupted by rain at times the opposition were friendly and welcoming. We did lose by 46 to 72 shots and had a top triple of Lyn Carroll, Rob Kirby and Denise Rogers by 18 to 11 shots.

100 Club winners

The latest winners of the 100 club for July were     Graham Buchanan   £25.00,  Ethan Odiam   £15.00 and Sylvia Webb  £10.00.  Well done to all.

Match Results

We played Harefield Hospital again in the 3 Counties on Saturday and although we won on 2 rinks out of 3 we lost overall on shots by 51 to 55 which gave both of us 4 points each. We had a downpour for about 10 minutes and then the weather cleared up for the 2nd half of the game whcih turned out to be rather pleasant. Our highest rink was Callum Kavanagh, Graeme Richards, Pam Anderson and Barry Mills by 22 to 11. On Sunday we went to Wendover for  a friendly match and again although we won 4 out of 6 triples we lost overall by 95 to 101 shots. Our top triple was Margaret Timberlake, Pam Anderson and Mike Wise by 19 to 13 and this only by ends won difference from our next highest triple.

Match Results

Thursday 29th July we played at Wexham in a Friendly match and although we both won 2 triples we lost by 57 to 59 shots. We did have a nice afternoons bowling and the scoring looked like it would be close even at halfway. Our top triple was Mike Moir, Pam Anderson and John Anderson by 21 to 10 shots.

Ladies GX match

This was a Ladies match against Gerrards Cross and although we lost on 2 rinks and had one win – Lyn Carroll, Gill Wise and Denise Williams 19-14.  There were a lot of their ‘big guns’ playing with County and England stickers showing so our Ladies did very well on all rinks!! They only had to dodge the rain once and otherwise the weather wasn’t too bad. Denise would like to thank Chris Pound and Lyn Carroll for coming in at the last minute due to the ill health of a couple of the original team. The final score was 44 to 66 shots.

Match Results

On Sunday 25th July we played at Chessvale in a 3 Counties match on the artifical green which was new to some of our players. We did lose by 48 to 78 shots and had one winning rink who were John Pink, Mike Moir, Pam Anderson and John Anderson by 23 to 19 shots. This gave us 2 points to 6.             We played Marlow in our final C&T match at home on Monday 26th July and we had one winning triple, one drawn and one loss. The winning triple was Graham Buchanan, John Anderson and Candi Ivey by 25 to 17 shots but we lost overall by 48 to 53 shots and by 3 points to 7.

Match Results

Our Friendly match at Aylesbury Town was on a very trying green and we all had a hard time to either find a line or get the weight correct at the same time. Needless to say we lost by 53 to 79 shots but we did have one winning triple who were Rose Kirby, Martin Cripps and Mike Wise who won on the last end by 16 to 15. The weather held up all the time and we only got a few drops of rain rather than the thunderstorms that were forecast.

Burnham Plate Q/F results

Our team had to play Hazells on their home green and managed to get to 10 all at the 14th end with all to play for on the last end. Although the opposing team had played well throughout, using their home advantage on a very swinging green, their skip was unable to get in on the last bowl, but ours did. We came away with a 12 - 10 win. Well done to the whole team who all pulled their weight and many thanks to to 13 or 14 loyal supporters. The team was Flora Alderton, Denise Rogers, Chris Pound and Candi Ivey.

The S/F is to be held at Bletchley St Martins and will be against Newport Pagnell on the 14th August.

Match Results

Our Thursday match was away to Princes Risborough and it was very hot with us losing 50 to 61 shots. We had 2 winning triples and 2 losses.  The highest one was Dave Harding, Denise Rogers and Mike Holehouse by 15 to 10 shots.

Match Results

On Monday 19th July we played at Marlow in the C&T but lost on 2 triples out of 3. Our winning team was Gill Wise, Nick Nicholls and Barry Mills by 23 to 13. We only received 2 points to 8.  On Tuesday we played a friendly at home against Ladygate and won on 3 triples with 1 drawn and 1 loss and won by 64 to 61 shots overall Our winning triple was Moira Austin, Denise Rogers and John Anderson by 17 to 7 shots.  This was Moira,s first game for the club so very well done for coming in to play at the last minute. Due to the very hot weather we only played 15 ends instead of the normal 18.

Match Results

Yesterday we had an enjoyable match at home against Aylesbury Town, we had 2 draws 1 loss and 1 win. The winning triple was Callum Kavanagh, Graeme Richards and Mike Holehouse by 15 to 14 shots. We lost overall by 55 to 61 shots.

Match Results

The matches on Tuesday 13th July results were good for the Home match against Uxbridge as we had 2 winning triples out of 4 and won by 75 to 62. Our top triple was Margaret Timberlake, Mike Moir and Rob Kirby by 29 to 16 shots. The C&T match at Gerrards Cross was not so good as we lost on all 3 triples.

Match Results

Yesterdays results were good for the Home match against Uxbridge as we had 2 winning triples out of 4 and won by 75 to 62. Our top triple was Margaret Timberlake, Mike Moir and Rob Kirby by 29 to 16 shots. The C&T match at Gerrards Cross was not so good as we lost on all 3 triples.

Ladies match results

The Ladies match against Amersham yesterday ended up with a loss to Chalfont  by 33 shots to 60 although we did have one winning triple consisting of Chris Moir,  Chris Pound and Denise Williams.

Triples results

On Saturday 10th July we had a drawn triples competition with 3 rounds of 8 ends and the top 2 teams went into a final. They were Gill Braithwaite, Gill Wise and Ian Griffith against Pam Naish, Neil Frew and Barry Mills.                                                                      Barrys team come off the victors after a good match.

Burnham Plate results

Last night the Ladies played against Iver Heath in this competition and won by 20 to 6 which probably means they will be going through to the Q/F on the 24th July and they would love any support.  The team was Gill Wise, Margaret Timberlake, Chris Pound and Denise Williams.

C&T results

We have had 2 C&T matches this week, one against Gerrards Cross which we lost by 4 points to 6. Our top triple was Dave Harding, Margaret Timberlake and Mike Alderton by 15 to 13 and the other triple was 19 to 18 but we lost by 48 to 49 shots,and the other C&T match was against High Wycombe which we lost by 2 points to 8. Our winning triple here was Rose Kirby, Nick Nicholls and Mike Alderton by 20 to 11 shots. Not a good week for us but we hope to do better in the return matches we have to play.

Weekend results

On Saturday we played away at Windsor & Eton in a Friendly match and had nice warm weather. We lost by 75 to 92 shots but did have one winning triple. The team was Rose Kirby, Ian Griffith and John Anderson by 31 to 11.

Sunday was not such a nice day and although the weather forecast was for lots of rain we only had a 10 minute shower and then it cleared up again. We played at Rickmansworth RBL and managed a win by 49 to 43 shots. Our top triple  was Henry Bell, Denise Rogers and John Anderson by 22 to 13 shots.  


We are going to arrange a Triples match over the 10th & 11th July as mentioned in the Fixtures list. it will depend on how many people put their names forward to enter this on how it will be done and whether it will be both days and teams will be drawn. Please advise Graham Buchanan on 01753 883023 if you are interested and for more information.

Please note that Loudwater have cancelled their match because of shortage of players.

Results & Top Club

On Thursday 1st July we played at Cippenham in a Friendly match and we won on shots by 81 to 76 even though we only won 2 out of 5 triples, which the Captains then decided to declare a draw. It was played in good spirit therefore it seemed like the correct result. Our top triple was Dave Harding, Gill Braithwaite and Denise Williams by 26 to 6 shots.

The Ladies played a Top Club match at Gerrards Cross on Friday and although we had a win in the singles and a draw in the pairs we lost overall. it was a very good effort against strong opposition and well done to all who played.


Our Burnham Plate Ladies played against Gerrards Cross on the 24 June but lost to a very good team by 11 to 23. We also played the Broomwade Trophy away leg match with Gerrards Cross on the 28th June and although we had 2 winning rinks out of 5 we lost by 75 to 98.  Our highest triple was Margaret Timberlake, Neil Frew and Denise Williams by 22 to 13.

Denham match results

We played at Denham on Saturday 26th June and it was a lovely afternoon plus the green was easy to bowl on. The teams were evenly matched and everyone was very pleasant and enjoyed the bowling. It was very close right to the last end on all triples and we managed to win by 57 to 55 shots. Our highest triple was Denise Rogers, Graeme Richards and Rob Kirby by 15 to 10. 


100 Club winners

This month’s 100 club results are as follows:                                                                                                                                £25     Mike Wise,    £15     Martin Cripps,       £10     Harrison Nurse                                                                                          Congratulations to the winners and better luck next time to everyone else.                                                                                

Chessvale results

We played a 3 Counties match against Chessvale at Chalfont on Saturday 19th June and we obviously had a home match advantage against them and won on all 3 rinks by 70 to 35 shots giving us all 8 points. Our highest winning rink was Margaret Timberlake, Denise Rogers, Ian Griffith and Mike Wise by 31 to 8 shots.

Amersham Ladies match

The Ladies played at Amersham on a very hot afternoon and won on 2 of the 3 triples. one of our ladies could not come at the last minute so we played 2 against 3.  This team of  Lyn carroll and Candi Ivey won by 16 to 6 shots. This was Denise Williams first official match as Ladies captain and she is doing a great job in organising the teams, and she would like to thank all the members who supported her. 

Chesham C&T results

On Monday 14th June we played an Away C&T match at Chesham and won on two triples and a draw on the third winning by 53 to 50 shots. This was a very good result for us as the match was nip and tuck all the way to the last end. We won by 9 points to 1.

Match Selections sheet

Please note that the Match Selections menu has now been changed and you only need to put the password in once and then you can select any of the match headings on there.

High Wycombe 12th June results

We played a 3 Counties match on Sat 12th June against High Wycombe but only managed 1 winning rink out of 3 losing by 47 to 67 shots. Our winning rink was Chris Pound, Mike Moir, Pam Anderson and John Anderson by 19 to 16 shots.

Ladies Amersham match

The Ladies played a Burnham Plate match at Amersham yesterday and won by 16 to 6 shots.  Well done to them all. The team consisted of Rose Kirby, Gill Braithwaite, Denise Rogers and Denise Williams.

Cippenham results

We played Cippenham in a nice friendly match today and we won on 3 rinks out of 4 getting 66 shots to 59.        Our top rink was Nigel Pendall, Chris Pound and Nick Nicholls who won by 22 to 12 shots and this was an even better win as it was Nigels first ever game.

Amersham Bucks Plate results

We played our last remaining Bucks Plate match against Amersham last night and we were beaten on both the Home and Away triples. The overall score was 57 to 75. Thank you to the members who supported this league.

Chesham C&T results

On Monday 7th june we played at Home against Chesham and won on all 3 triples. Our top triple was Rose Kirby, Graham Buchanan and Mike Alderton by 26 to 15 shots and overall by 65 to 47 shots giving us 10 points

Weekend match results 5/6 June

We had 2 x 3 Counties matches this weekend with mixed results. We won on points on Saturday against Bassetsbury Manor and lost badly against Wexham on the Sunday getting no points from this game. We found it hard going to find the lines etc.

Denham Ladies

Our ladies played Denham at our club on Thursday and even with the reduced number of ends managed a good win of 19 to 10 shots in the Burnham Plate. The team was Flora Alderton,  Denise Rogers,  Denise Williams and Candi Ivey.

Spring Shield contest

I would like to thank Graham Buchanan for organising this competition on Monday and it looks like everyone was having a good time. The winners this year who finished off in style were Gill Braithwaite, Mike Moir & Candi Ivey.

Cippenham results

We played an Away match against Cippenham on Sunday 30th May and we only won one triple out of four losing by 41 to 78 shots, our winning triple was Wayland Braithwaite,  Lyn Carroll and Rob Kirby by 17 to 15. I thank all the players for trying and doing their best.

Harefield Hospital results

We did not have a good afternoon against the Harefield team in this 3 Counties match and we lost on all 3 rinks getting no points at all. The weather was the best we have had this year, nice and warm and no wind.

I would like to thank Rob for stepping in at the halfway mark to do the Bar as we were getting overrun with the requests for drinks. He was trying to have a day off from Bowls.

Windsor & Eton results

This was played on the 22nd May and we had a good afternoon for a change but although we won 2 triples each we lost overall by 53 shots to 71. Our winning triple was Margaret Timberlake, Pam Anderson and Rob Kirby by 19 to 16 shots.

100 Club winners

Here is the May winners for the 100 club

£25.00     Staff Burbridge,    £15.00    Christopher Yoxall,     £10.00   Denise Rogers.


Please be aware that I need many more names down for matches or the club will be in danger of losing lots of Home matches and especially league matches.  I need mens names for the Bucks Plate for next week and the following week and both men and ladies for the 3 Counties matches in the next few weeks.  Please see the boards  in the Clubhouse and put down for any matches you can do.

Thank you...John

Herts Results

On the 20th May we played at Home against Herts on a very windy and damp afternoon. We lost by 54 to 76 shots but did manage a winning triple of Pam Naish, Mike Holehouse and Rob Kirby by 22 to 6 shots. 

Ladygate Results

We had an enjoyable afternoon in warm sunshine for a change at Ladygate but despite their ground being really easy to bowl on we only managed to win on one triple and lost overall by 61 to 76 shots. Our winning team were Dave Harding, Lyn Carroll and Graham Buchanan by 16 to 14 shots.

Windsor Great Park 23rd May

Hello all members and those who had agreed to play in this match.  Due to various reasons we have had to cancel this match with them.  This is the 3rd Away match we have had to cancel so far this year, hopefully the Home ones against these clubs will not be cancelled by the opposition.

Flackwell Heath results

Yesterday Sat 11th May we played our first 3 Counties match at Home against Flackwell Heath. Most of the match was played in warm sunshine apart from a 10 minute downpour when we ran for cover. We managed to beat them by 63 to 41 shots and won on all 3 rinks.  Our top rink was Rose Kirby, Martin Cripps, Graham Buchanan and Mike Alderton by 22 to 11 shots. 

Long Crendon

The match away to Long Crendon has been cancelled by them due to a waterlogged green.

Rosedale results

On Tuesday 11th May we played a Friendly against Rosedale and although we had 2 winning triples we lost by 62 shots to 79. Our top triple was Rose Kirby, Sue Patey and John Pink who won by 30 to 11 shots. This winning team also obtained a Hot Shot which is an excellent performance.  Well done!

100 Club winners

Herewith results for April's 100 club draw:

£25 Mike Wale,    £15 Harley Williams,   £10 Rob Kirby.

Hazells match

Today Saturday 8th May we played a Home game against a team from Hazells and we managed a win by 70 shots to 62. They were a nice friendly club to play against and we all had to cope with high cold winds which caused a few people to lose their hats now and again. Our top winning triple was Callum Kavanagh, Denise Williams and Mike Alderton by 26 to 10. 


Kings Langley

I have unfortunately had to cancel this match due to lack of our members support.

We are struggling to fill any Away match and if this continues it is likely we will also lose the Home matches with the cancelled teams later in the year. Please check your dairies and availability for all the fixtures.  Thank you..John

Match results and information

Match results and information

Please see Match Selections to confirm which match you have been selected to play in.

This is a new heading on the menu bar and the Fixtures heading now only shows the monthly fixtures we are going to play.

We are modifying the website as we go to make it easier for all to see. 

Our first match of the season was against Wendover but unfortunately we lost by 63 to 70 shots. It was played in sunshine and our winning rink was Denise Rogers, Wayland Braithwaite and John Anderson by 20 to 13.

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